About Us

comBIne is an organization for people who are attracted to more than one gender, as well as their allies. The group's main purposes are to provide a safe social space, to provide education and outreach, and to collaborate with campus and Central Ohio organizations on issues of importance to the bisexual community. The group will foster social activism among its members.

During the 2013-2014 academic year we are meeting at 6pm each Wednesday. As our room varies from week to week, please contact us to get on the mailing list or check our Facebook page to know where we are meeting any given week.

We can be reached at combineosu@gmail.com or via the comBIne Facebook page.

Flyers used for Breaking Binaries included brief explanations of gender and attraction

Breaking Binaries!

This year you might meet us on the Oval (or might have met us on the Oval) during Celebrate Bisexuality Day (Sept. 23). During the event, we encouraged passers-by to plot themselves on two graphs: one mapping gender identity & expression and the other mapping sexual & romantic attraction. While these graphs grossly oversimplify the diversity of human experience, they're a good starting point for folks who haven't thought about gender before or questioned the conflation of sexual and romantic attraction.

If you're here looking for more information about gender and sexuality, these articles provide a good starting point (and you can find more on our Resources page!):